Welcome to echelon HTML/CSS Template suitable for eCommerice, Business, Portfolio and Blog Magazine Websites!

Echelon Template

Echelon is pure html template suitable for all type of business portfolio and corporate level business websites, as well as business its designed to work for ecommerce and shopping related websites. This template comes with separate pages and different color options.

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Flash Based 3D Slider

Images can also be added, changes or deleted within the XML file. Supported file types are JPG, GIF and PNG. The images are loaded from the folder, which is specified in the FLA. Without changing this means images are loaded from a folder named "images", which is in the same directory is the gallery.

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jQuery Based Sliders

This template comes with 3 Different jQuery Sliders including the piecemaker Flash Slider and this works perfect with all the major browsers. Everything related to sliders integration into a website and slides width and height documentation is given in the readme file included with the package.

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